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Bespoke Bread @bespokebreadsg

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I love supporting hard working, good natured, talented people who help themselves. And the lady behind Bespoke Bread is exactly all of that. She is an example of how some people just have the DNA to pick themselves up during these weird Covid times and do something good for themselves and others, in totally unexpected and delightful ways. When Covid struck, all filming all over the world stopped. Being a video editor, Karen the Doughminatrix found herself, like many of us, with a lot of time on her hands and projects postponed or cancelled. So what did she do? She set up a home baking business and started selling her best bakes! Her sourdoughs are sensational. Bread makes me happy. And Karen’s bespokebread makes me feel love and comfort and peace in every single slice. My favs - the sundried tomato and olive loaves. 

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