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Asian Dream - Discovering The Next Asian Singing Sensation

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I was asked to guest in Episode 5 of this reality singing competition show  where six aspiring singers from across Asia are mentored by music icon Michael Bolton in a series of challenges and vie to be the next Asian singing sensation. The winner will join Michael on the Asian Dream Tour and become a Subaru Ambassador.

My role was to help the contestants find a way to connect with what they are singing. Well, firstly, I was intrigued, but intimidated, because I am not a qualified acting teacher. However, I asked myself what I would need, if I were a contestant, and as an actor, my go-to would always be to start with script. 

So I told them to start with reading the lyrics of the song, and then to take a moment to find some sort of real connection to the words, as opposed to concentrate on how to sound nice. Work from the heart out. 

Some of these very talented contestants hit the nail right on the head. 

It was also fun to get to meet the legendary Michael Bolton. 

Watch full episodes here: 

You can find me in Episode 5. 

Me and the maestro himself, Michael Bolton

Me, on set, Asian Dream

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