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HBOAsia's Food Lore - "Stray Dogs"

Some years back, while I was shooting a pretty disturbing Singapore tv series, Avenue 14, for Monochromatic Pictures, I heard about an equally disturbing series, called Folklore, an HBOAsia commission with the talented SG filmmaker Eric Khoo (Mee Pok Man, 12 Stories) as showrunner. 

I may not have to stomach to watch disturbing series (I am chicken that way), I LOVE to act in disturbing roles. Hahaha. 

So, when I was asked to join the cast of Foodlore, Eric’s follow-up to Folklore for HBOAsia, I jumped at it. 

Directed by Malaysian filmmaker (and my fellow actor in the HBOAsia/Astro Shaw movie The Garden of Evening Mists), Ho Yu Hang, Stray Dogs, the episode I was in, was more heartwarming than disturbing. As was the entire series which featured writer/directors from across Asia telling stories about food!

Disturbing though it was not, I did get to brandish a chopper. 

And I LOVE filming in Malaysia. The on set food is TERRIFIC! That Curry Mee out of a Toyogo tub on my last day of filming. Oh man! Sedap!

And I am super chuffed the series has nabbed the Best Asian Drama for Regional/International Market for ContentAsia Awards 2020.

Here are some behind the scenes shots to giggle at: 

Best wig ever.

This was pre-covid but how nice the outdoor, down-to-earth “green room” is on location in Kuala Lumpur.

Me and Malaysian director Ho Yu Hang. He is so great to work with.

Malaysian actor Gadrick Chin getting “gangstered” up by HMU.

Malaysian child actor Angel Chan played my daughter. She’s a real pro.

Me and Angel in character from scene.

Told you I got to brandish a chopper!

My last day. Cast and Director take a group shot. From L to R: Fabian Loo, Ho Yu Hang, Fatt Choi Bou, Me, Angel Chan, Ho Yu Hang & Gadrick Chin.

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